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Welcome to my online portfolio!

My name is Lee Kurzweil and I'm an experienced freelance illustrator based in Haifa. I hold a Bachelor's degree in Visual Communications from the Academic Institute of Technology, Holon.


I like telling stories, whether in words or illustrations. I allow my drawing style to change and evolve according to the spirit of the project.


I'm a daydreamer in an ongoing search for secret doors and hidden passageways - digging for smiles and burying old habits. That's very intensive work, let me tell you.


Outside the Studio I'm writing and composing songs, singing and playing my guitar, performing for an imaginary audience, bowing and everything.

This is my Leeway, thanks for stopping by!

Contact me at

A Ventriloquist Plays The Guitar

Selected Clients

Tal-May Books

Shoken Publishing House

Miskal & Chemed Books

Modan Publishing House

Haaretz Newspaper

Yediot Achronot Newspaper

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